BK Turnouts General Information


BK all rail turnouts are made using Micro Engineering nickel silver non-weathered rail. The turnouts DO NOT have ties under them and are made to be laid by hand, usually on wood ties. Our line consists of 5 types of items:

ASSEMBLED – this is a complete turnout that has 2 or 3 straps soldered on the tops of the rails to keep the turnouts ROUGHLY in gauge.

KITS – this is the assembled turnout WITHOUT the straps. It consists of 2 stock rails and a point and frog assembly.

BLADE & FROG – This is the center section ONLY of the turnout. There are no stock rails included.

STUB – this is a complete turnout that has 2 or 3 straps soldered on the tops of the rails. A stub turnout is the old-fashioned type where the lead rails move to make the switch, instead of the blades moving as in the assembled turnout.

FROG ONLY – this, of course, is the frog assembly only. There are no blades attached.

Our turnouts should “mate” with most rail and/or flex track. There may have to be some height “adjustment” either with the flex track or with the ties under the turnout. Either the flex track may have to be shimmed up to meet the turnout, or the ties may have to be sanded. The adjustment should be small.

We make our turnouts with non-weathered rail – because of the difficulty in removing the weathering. Micro Engineering does make a weathering solution, or painting the turnout with Floquil “Roof Brown” paint will accomplish the same.

Many people are under the illusion that hand-laying track and turnouts by hand is difficult, tedious, nerve-wracking and a host of other adjectives. This is not the case. Hand laying is for those modelers who want to take the time to enjoy one of the finer arts of modeling. Many of our customers use flex track for the roadbed and hand-lay the turnouts. Granted, handlaying does take more time than using flex track and purchasing ready made turnouts. However, to go this route is just a matter of deciding what it is you want out of your hobby.

A good pair of needle nose pliers, 6″ is suggested, two three point track gauges, and a NMRA standards gauge is about all that is needed. This plus some patience and a willing to keep the “art” in modeling.

If you have a DCC control system, it is IMPORTANT that there be gaps in front of the frog as well as behind the frog. Both the frog and the blades would have to be “hot-wired”.

Please note that there is a $8.00 shipping charge on all orders.

We do some custom work. Please contact us for more information.

Prices are subject to change without notice.