Classic Miniatures HO

Classic Miniatures H0 Scale Buildings
Prices are subject to change without notice.
31020Hartsel Depot TBA
31043Aspen DepotColorado MidlandTBA
31117Kokomo Depot DSP&PTBA
31119Buena Vista Depot DSP&P49.00
31121Mt. Princeton Telegraph OfficeDSP&P37.00
31141Forks Creek Depot Colorado Central45.00
31155Ilium DepotRio Grande Southern82.00
31156Ophir DepotRio Grande Southern74.00
31409Mina DepotC&C / SPngTBA
31415Laws DepotC&C / SPng72.00
31417Kearsarge DepotC&C / SPng61.00
31904Mainline Station #4AT&SFTBA
31905Sparks DepotSouthern Pacific45.00
32401EnginehouseC&C / SPng43.00
33001Standard Water TankColorado MidlandTBA
34101Alpine Tunnel Coaling PlatformDSP&P19.00
34107Alpine Enginehouse Coaling PlatformDSP&P19.00
38002Basalt HotelColorado Midland105.00
38104Leadville HouseCM; C&S; D&RGW59.00
38105Cornucopia Mine & SmelterDSP&P / Buena VistaTBA
38113Shawnee SchoolhouseDSP&P35.00
38114Bailey SchoolhouseDSP&P36.00
38140Silver Plume StoreC&S35.00
38151Works HardwareRGS / Telluride68.00
38430Gold Hill House V&T43.00
38902Fraternity Hall36.00
38903Queen Anne Cottage54.00
38904General Store40.00
38905Wells Fargo Express Office42.00
38906Masonic Lodge37.00
38907Mine House52.00
38908Winters Mansion59.00
38909Lucky Mine43.00
38910Red Light District35.00
38912Fire Station47.00
38913Bank Building36.00
38914Bodie Church46.00
38915Bridgeport House52.00
38916Grand Central Gold Mine46.00
38917Montezuma Post Office46.00
38918Columbia Miners Cabin35.00
38919National Saloon42.00
38920Genoa SaloonTBA
38921Roll-Away Cattle Loader29.00
38922Daley Bros. Pipe & Supply44.00
38923Tomahawk Post Office44.00
38924York's Store44.00
38925Small Freight House30.00
38926Branchline Oil Facility51.00
38927The Ruins68.00
38928Union Brass Foundry70.00
38931Taryall School HouseTBA
39001ABaggage House - ManitouColorado Midland30.00
39001BBaggage House - Iron SpringsColorado Midland30.00
39001CBaggage House - Cascade CanonColorado Midland30.00
39001DBaggage House - Ute ParkColorado Midland30.00
39001EBaggage House - Green Mtn FallsColorado Midland32.00
39007ASand HouseColorado Midland34.00
390092 of Standard Water ClosetColorado Midland19.00
39101Std 1 Story Section HouseC&S40.00
39102Std 1 Story Section HouseC&STBA
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31123St. Elmo DepotDSP&P
31401Dayton DepotC&C / SPng
31420Keeler DepotC&C / SPng
33101Std 30,000 Gallon Water TankC&S
Classic Miniatures H0 Scale Parts
Prices are subject to change without notice.
Item NoDescription Price
B20001Ornamental Iron Roof Trim8.00
B20002Ornamental Iron Staircase9.00
B20003Brick Chimney5.00
B20004Eave Supports4.00
B20005Gingerbread Trim8.00
B20006Small Gable Trim4.00
B20007Large Gable Trim4.00
B20009Elbow Stovepipe4.00
B20010Tall Porch Post5.00
B20011Short Porch Post5.00
B21000Wallpaper Assortment8 / 5.00
B21001Small Brick or Block Pattern3 / 5.00
B21002Large Brick or Block Pattern3 / 5.00
B21003Fieldstone Pattern3 / 5.00