Classic Miniatures S

Classic Miniatures S Scale Buildings
Prices are subject to change without notice.
Item NoDescriptionRailroadPrice
51121Mt. Princeton Telegraph OfficeSP&P / Denver48.00
51141Forks Creek DepotColorado Central54.00
51155Ilium DepotRio Grande SouthernTBA
51415Laws DepotC&C / SPngTBA
52401Keeler Engine HouseC&C / SPng54.00
58140Silver Plume Store60.00
58431Virginia City Ore Bin51.00
58909Lucky Mine58.00
58910Red Light District52.00
58916Grand Central Gold Mine56.00
58918Columbia Miners Cabin53.00
58919National Saloon54.00
58921Roll-Away Cattle Loader53.00
58922Daley Bros. Pipe & Supply51.00
58924York's Store49.00
58925Small Freight House35.00
58926Branchline Oil FacilityTBA
Classic Miniatures S Scale Parts
Prices are subject to change without notice.
Item NoDescription Price
B40003Brick ChimneyWhite Metal3.00
B40008Smokejack3 / 4.00
B40009Elbow Stovepipe3 / 4.00
B21000Wallpaper Assortment8 / 5.00
B21002Large Brick/Block Pattern3 / 5.00
B21003Fieldstone Pattern3 / 5.00